Chong Cheong Foundry Works was originally set up by the late Mr Wan York Wah in the year 1963. In 1987, the company was registered as CHONG CHEONG FOUNDRY WORKS PTE LTD.

    The company started out with the manufacturing of cast iron pipe fittings for Housing Development Board Projects. We later venture to produce Cast Iron Manhole Cover for PWD. In as early as 1975, we had our range of product tested and certified by SISIR under the Singapore Quality Mark Certification Scheme.

    To ensure consistent quality, all our products are regularly submitted for testing by PSB (formerly known as SISIR and now known as Tuv SUD PSB). most of our products carry the Test Certificate and Certificate of Conformance regulated by Tuv Sud Psb for product quality and compliance. Learn More About Us >>

    Our Product Standard

    • Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting to BS EN 598 and BS EN 545
    • Epoxy Hubless Pipes and Fittings to BS EN 877
    • Hubless Pipies and Fittings to CISPI 301 & ISO 6594
    • Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Mahole Covrs and Gratings To SS 30 & EN124

    Our Specialized Services

    • We also specialise Quality Marine and Engineering Casting.
    • We can produce casting in Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze and Aluminum.
    • We also provide wooden pattern making services.
    • We can provide machining services.